Let’s Play Yakuza Kiwami with Rigby!

Rigby makes up 1/3 of the Drunk in a Graveyard triforce on the weekly Drunk in a Graveyard podcast, and she is also the voice behind our Grogged Up Gaming column. Since she’s our resident Gamer Girl ™, it seems only fitting that this little lady started up her own twitch.tv channel to show off some livestreams and allow you fuckers the privilege to watch her punch her way through some video games.

She got it all started off this week by punching her way through Let’s Play Yakuza Kiwami, and right into our hearts.



You can find Rigby on twitter dreaming about Majima, Frank Grillo, and big beers.

Stay tuned for more Let’s Play livestreams from Rigby on her twitch.

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Oh and you can watch Michael Madsen’s voice acting outtakes that Rigby mentions right here:

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