Fistula/Come to Grief Seven-Inch Split

Two storied behemoths of the sludge metal scene come together on this seven-inch split to showcase some original material and it is bone crushing. This is actually the first in a series of splits (I covered the second one first because you can’t tell me what to do. Also I was high) that Fistula have planned to celebrate their twentieth year being one of the heaviest and grimiest things to ever come out of Ohio.

Fistula began their existence in 1998, the child of Corey Bing and Bahb Branca. Since then they’ve released an immense amount of material ranging from full length albums to split EP’s like this one. Their songs combine elements of sludge, death metal and punk into a lumbering beast that’s immediately identifiable and the new track offered here, “Contusion”, is no different. Feedback and pained howling filling your ears once you hit play, the track is a slow ride into a hellish soundscape with no end in sight. Come to Grief formed from the black bile that leaked forth from the corpse of their previous band, Grief, taking their name from that bands 1994 album. Their track on this split, “Take me in my Sleep”, is another slow beast, human misery given audio form even. Tortured howls, a plodding heavy bass line that feels like it is physically pinning you down and crashing cymbals fill the majority of the tracks running time. I recommend a high dose edible and the biggest speakers you can find for optimal listening.

Grab your copy here from the mighty Patac Records. Follow Fistula and Come to Grief on facebook.


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