Void & Cult Tag Team: Exarsis, Exhumed, Spectral Voice, Kapala, & GWAR

Editor’s note:  The graveyard is a varied place, and each meat husk that writes here has a specific set of talents.  The two most prominent metal related maniacs here at the graveyard are without a doubt Voidhanger and Cult.  These two have crafted an unholy love for all things heavy metal and when tasked to create a column, the two decided to tag team and tandem review a few albums.

They’ve even created their new review scale:

Abysmal – admittedly I turned it off before it ended and washed out my ears in acid. Ouch!

Listenable – but probably not something I’ll return to.

Good – has the potential to grow on the listener like a livable pet fungi.

Great – makes one want to check out the remainder of the acts discography.

Orgasmic – so impressive one will find it hard to concentrate on anything else while the album plays.


Cult:  I’ve often wondered…What does one do when asked to think upon creating a new segment. Not just for any run of the mill site, no. That would be too easy, any old diatribe of absolute bollocks would surely suffice. The happening lil’ corner of the internet in question is an area I’m proud to have recently become welcomed into… Drunkinagraveyard.com.

The space between the ears sings aloud with possibilities.

Naturally, the person in question would hopefully have the wherewithal to ponder upon something unique, a string of words slathered in overall readability, dare I say perhaps a smidgen of humor that bounces across the retinas at an alarming rate of speed quite unlike another purposed with roughly the same intent in mind.

Ah…the challenge.

In my case, after rereading the ‘offer’ several times to get a better understanding of an objective. (I did mention I have confidence issues, right?) I initially struggled with whether I should go it alone. Alternatively, I could enlist the aid of another. Admittedly this inward discussion didn’t last long as it was perilously close to snack time. My innards growled and my eyes wavered to a pantry bursting at the seams with dangerously sugar laden treats all begging, silently, for the loving caress of my esophagus. Yuck! The visual.

To cut a long story short my synapses fired to form one word, a beacon in the darkness. Void. The all-knowing, all seeing, all wise…yes you get the idea. What better way to garner the attention than with stream of conscious issuing uncontrollably from two jaded fellows minds. Indeed.

The stage is set.

Now what is it exactly we’re here for?

Voidhanger:  So hey, look, Cult’s a pretty chill guy so we’re gonna do this every so often; take a bunch of albums and mash our opinions together like teens bumping uglies after prom. We’re gonna try to keep it classy, but don’t get your hopes up. The reality is that we’re a pair of degenerates – classy degenerates, granted, but… yeah. You know. Anyways, toodles.

Exarsis (Greece) – New War Order


Cult’s Thoughts

Amazing melodies to keep the listener on their toes and the excitement level high. Neck snappin’ silly fast, infectious thrash accompanied by vocals that might tug eventually at the listener’s annoyance depending on their vocal range preferences.

Cult’s verdict – Great/Orgasmic. Makes one want to check out the remainder of the bands discography / so impressive one will find it hard to concentrate on anything else while it’s playing.

Voidhanger’s Thoughts

Musically competent with some very cool solos, but the overly clean production weakens the sound. If the high-pitched wails were less frequent they’d be impactful, but they’re way overused and get kind of annoying.

Voidhanger’s verdict – Listenable, but not particularly memorable.

Exhumed (USA) – Death Revenge


Cult’s Thoughts

Heavily inspired by later era Carcass (with undertones of Slayer and Macabre) with plenty of effective atmosphere interludes that tip the hat to both classic genre movies and cult gems splattered lovingly in crimson. Choppy death/thrash w twin vocal assault. Not what a longtime fan might be expecting but still very listenable.

Cult’s verdict – Great. Makes one want to check into the remainder of the acts discography.

Voidhanger’s Thoughts

While perhaps not reaching the same levels of frantic intensity as some of their preceding albums, Exhumed continue to hone their craft and put out a solid album of deathgrinding goodness with a bit more thrash influence than before.

Voidhanger’s verdict: Good. This won’t disappoint Exhumed fans and will probably pull in a few new ones.

Spectral Voice (USA) – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing


Cult’s Thoughts

Epic, dense, yet catchy death/doom with highly effective, precisely executed, suffocating atmosphere that recalls classic old school entries in the genre and is sure to spark interest in the earliest roots of a scene that’s still very much alive.

Cult’s verdict – Great. Makes one want to check into the remainder of the acts discography.

Voidhanger’s Thoughts

While picking up speed a bit more than the previous EP, “Eroded Corridors of Unbeing” is equally crushing. Low, rumbling, and cataclysmic, Spectral Voice is the sound of six feet of earth closing in on you. Do not miss this one.

Voidhaner’s verdict: Orgasmic. Holy fuck man.

Kapala (India) – Infest Cesspool


Cult’s Thoughts

Raw production coupled with a war like intensity suffocates the listener instantly like a bomb blast. Bestial vocals accompanied with the drum tattoo assaults the senses. Recommended for those who prefer to dwell in demo territory and the realm of utterly unapologetic pitch darkness.

Cults verdict – Listenable, but probably not something I’ll return to.

Voidhanger’s Thoughts

Bestial warlike blackness from India, Kapala will appeal to fans of cacophonous bands like Revenge or Deiphago. Rough and gritty, they certainly have potential, and “Infest Cesspool” is not a bad starting point.

Voidhanger’s verdict: Good for a debut EP, but they need to step it up to stand apart.

GWAR (USA by way of Antarctica) – The Blood of Gods


Cult’s Thoughts

Melody and driving riffs abound, a slight detour from the bands normal OTT comedic shenanigans in favor of a more musical approach. Whilst traditional fans might be left slightly puzzled this is still utterly enjoyable, in moments uber infectious. A diverse mixture of traditional heavy metal, thrash (at times a Viking element creeps in) with more than merely a nod to the punk scene combine to keep the listener on their toes and the fanbase expanding.

Cult’s verdict: Good/Great. Has the potential to grow on the listener/ Makes one want to check into the remainder of the acts discography.

Voidhanger’s Thoughts

Christ. I’ve never been a huge GWAR fan. I can appreciate what they do and why people like it, but musically they don’t really do much for me and I think their schtick has run its course at this point. “The Blood of Gods” has some cool moments, like the Motorhead-worshiping riffs of “Viking Death Machine,” but ultimately it becomes an exercise in tolerance. Gotta pass on this.

Voidhanger’s verdict: Listenable.


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