NEW Video! Fading Distance – “Octopus”

Hey kids, what’s up? Do you like your post-hardcore/screamo with a side of electronica? Do you also like hot Russian dudes? Well holy fuck, put down the phone because damn bitch, do I have some shit for you.

Fading Distance is a post-hardcore/screamo band that mixes in electronica/EDM beats from St. Petersburg, Russia, and have been active since 2014. Their new video for “Octopus” was filmed during their May 2017 tour, and it is some of the weirdest shit I think I have ever seen, it’s like, this wild eclectic mix of pub shows, rave lights, and hardcore.

Octopus is a track off the band’s upcoming album Let The Sailors Stay Home, and damn if this album is anything like this track, it’s gonna be a banger, so stay tuned for that my good sluts.

Let the Sailors Stay Home will be released via Sliptrick Records in CD and digital in 2018.

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