White Wizzard – “Infernal Overdrive”


If you like 1970’s rock and roll, a dash of thrash, a dash of glam, a splattering of cock rock, and a whole heck of a lot of Satan and “whooooaaa!!” vocals while wearing spandex, then holy shit, my good sluts, you better listen up because hot damn do I have an album for you.

Infernal Overdrive will be released January 12th on M-Theory Audio, and promises to be a strong follow up to 2013’s “Devil’s Cut”.

Now I’ve talked about my love of just straight up power/thrash/general heavy metal before, and White Wizzard are definitely in that category – they live up to kind of all of the heavy metal tropes and stereotypes, drawing much of their influences from favourites like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Dio – and yet they manage to create something entirely unique and unforgettable.

Infernal Overdrive opens up with the title track which just drives it literally right into Overdrive from moment one.  There is no soft opening, it’s balls to the wall pretty much immediately.  And hey do you like banjos?  Because Pretty May has some sick ass banjos at the beginning, and that melodic churning electric guitar in the background.  The whole album is resplendent in decadent solos, and the powerful voice of Wyatt ‘Screamin’ Demon’ Anderson.

It’s really hard for me to write reviews about albums that are just straight up good and fun, and Infernal Overdrive is one of those albums.  It’s a lot easier to just pick apart things I don’t like.  This album clocks in at just over an hour, and it doesn’t really ever slow down.  This is perfect music for the gym or a road trip, or just generally getting psyched up when you’re pre-gaming.  Chasing Dragons was one of the weaker tracks for me, despite its 8 minute plus length.  I didn’t feel it as heavily as the other tracks.  Voyage of the Wolf Raiders was much better for me in creating that fantasy / war epic power metal type of vibe and I really just felt it was a better offering of the longer tracks.

I’ve kinda said it once and it bears repeating, if you’re looking for something super kvlt and tr00, this probably won’t be the album for you, but if you like your metal loaded with cheese and fun, this one is not one to miss.

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