NEW! King Witch – “Beneath the Waves” Video

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I’ve been really stewing in the 1970s classic rock shit lately.  That, and a healthy dose of the doomy stuff and holy sweet dark lord Satan, did the clouds open up and bequeath unto me this precious gift of the new video from Scotland’s doom rockers King Witch – “Beneath the Waves”.

With a new album due out in February on Listenable Records, singer Donnelly explains “‘Beneath The Waves’ was inspired by stories such as Moby Dick and explores man’s need to destroy anything and everything beautiful, dangerous, and unfamiliar… and the retribution dealt in return. This track felt like a natural choice for the video – soaring vocals, massive drums and some huge riffs!”

That’s pretty accurate, I think.  Donnelly has a gorgeous voice, kind of like one of those preternaturally destructive sirens, and the music is unrelentingly heavy and I appreciate that.  Sometimes female fronted metal can get a bit girly for me and I’m not into it, at least not all the time, so I really dig when a lady isn’t afraid to unleash that dark ugly part of the divine feminine – the destroyer.

You can find King Witch online:

King Witch Facebook
King Witch instagram
Listenable Records Facebook


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