NEW! Dark Buddha Rising Preview New EP “II”

Finnish band Dark Buddha Rising have spent 2017 toiling away on a new EP titled II, locked away channeling dark psychedelia and even darker spirirts in the now-famed Wastement studio space (aka “the asylum of eternal feedback”) . Comprising two tracks of atmospheric dread, Mahathgata I and Mahathgata II, of the new ep guitarist V. Ajomo stated that “to drain our sonic temple, we wanted to record the new material which was made for 2016 shows in order to proceed towards the unknown with open minds and hearts. After the cleansing, we initiated our chamber with ambient meditation and opened the portals of inspiration for our future work.”

This release sees a return to the bands purest incarnation:J.Rämänen on drums, P. Rämänen on bass, and V. Ajomo on guitar, J. Saarivuori on synths and M. Neuman on main vocals.”We have done a full cycle of the orbit and now is the time for gravitational slingshot towards the new dimensions in sound, deliverance and vision,” says Ajomo.

II will be released by Neurot Recordings on March 23,2018. For now, check out the cinematic offering by Chariot Of Black Moth, featuring some new sounds from Dark Buddha Rising.


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