NEW! Atmospheric Noise Doom From Insect Ark

Fusing together elements of horror movie soundtracks, atmospheric noise and psychedelic doom metal, Insect Ark have allowed us a peek behind the curtain at what their new album “Marrow Hymns” has to offer. Entirely instrumental, Insect Ark is the brainchild of Dana Schechter (M. Gira’s Angels Of Light, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Zeal & Ardor, Gnaw) and Ashley Spungin (Taurus, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Negative Queen), two musicians whose music manages to be incredibly visual while it weaves delicate elements alongside the heavier aspects. Schechrter describes Insect Ark as “being a voice when words fail to articulate emotions or experiences, a visceral form of communication through sonic submersion.”

Marrow Hymns will be available from Profound Lore February 23, 2018. Keep up to date with Insect Ark by following them on facebook


You can find Scott on twitter.

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