NEW! Three Eyes of Void release track “The Eyes To See”

Hailing from the Ukraine, Three Eyes of the Void have been working on their the moment of storm newest EP “The Moment of Storm” for a while now, toiling away through the winter of 2016 on an album they describe as “a collection of flowing thoughts which came to mind of one during observation of a nature and a dialog with a friend about”, as they put it, “frivolous interaction between individuals in a global social environment, which dramatically reflects in lost self identification as a living being”

Built on blast beats and fast but fragile riffs, it’s easy to get lost in the musical paths being woven here, like trails winding through frozen tundra’s, desolate and dead tree’s the only thing breaking the horizon in any direction. If the strength of this track is any indication, I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album has to offer.

“The Moment of Storm” EP will be released digitally on December 4th, 2017. Stay up to date with what Three Eyes of the Void are up to on their Facebook page.

-Scott (@scottfloronic)


You can find Scott on twitter.

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