Morbid Angel – “Kingdoms Disdained”

Morbid Angel is one of those bands that’s always been around for me. Like Cannibal Corpse. I don’t remember a time without them. And I mean, that’s fair – they formed 3 years before I was even born. It’s been six years since “Illum Divinum Insanus” was released and yet the number of Morbid Angel shirts at any show I work has never decreased. This album also features a return by Steven Tucker who was present last on 2003’s “Heretic” to vocals, and will be the first album without David Vincent, Thor Myhen, or Tim Yeung. Our very own girl Thursday Jenna sat for a chat with Steven Tucker, so please click that hyperlink and have a lookie.

On first listen (at the gym, lifting weights and junk because I’m a bro) to Kingdoms Disdained, this album was tight. I like the driving nature of death metal, and it has a very specific place in my life – the gym and studying mostly, which is a weird thing. The thunderous frenetic drumming on Kingdoms Disdained is relentless and punishing, the guitar work is technically proficient and churning. ‘Pile of Little Arms’ opens the album and god damn, I just straight up love that title. The squealing solo of “The Righteous Voice” is some pretty standard but at the same time wonderful fret wankery. “Architect and Iconoclast” is another favourite of mine that verges into that same fret work. There’s no weak points in this album for me, it’s pretty standard death metal across the board.

Kingdoms Disdained is 11 tracks and clocks in at 48 minutes, and doesn’t over stay its welcome. I think it’s a totally tight album, and is worth a listen most especially if you’re into death metal, extreme music, or just need to sub out that Michael Buble around the holidays.

Kingdoms Disdained is out today (December 1st) on Silver Lining Music, and you can order a copy here.

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