NEW! Eye of Nix – “Wound And Scar”

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Seattle’s “avant-doom” outfit Eye of Nix stands on the eve of their December 15th album drop for “Black Somnia” on Scry Recordings.  They have lovingly provided us with a sneak peek of track “Wound And Scar” available to stream from Decibel Magazine (and which I will embed below as well for you lazy sods).
With producer Billy Anderson who has worked with the likes of Neurosis and Pallbearer, Eye of Nix has created a swirling, multi-layered sound that is resplendent, jarring, and heady.  Never straying too close to doom, or goth, or blackened anything, the band instead mixes it all together to form a glorious cacophony that is presided over by alternating seraphic and demonic vocals of Maasaki Masao.
I like tracks like “Wound and Scar” because they can exist within two levels of listening for me – one being something easy and simple and a little doomy to put on when I wanna curl up by the record player with a big ass joint after a long day, and then in contrast to that – when I am creating.  I spend a lot of time making art and writing, and I like music like this when I’m trying to stimulate my own creativity.
“Black Somnia”, is the follow up album to 2015’s “Moros” and with this sneak peek and previous excerpts from the band, I’m fucking hyped to say they’re going in some powerful directions and have already exhibited some wonderful growth.

“Black Somnia” comes out December 15th and you can purchase a copy here and for real, the record is like $20 and the digital is $10! $10 and this band fucking rules. Skip the Starbucks for a day or two and support some briliant folks.

You can find Eye of Nix online:

Eye of Nix bandcamp
Eye of Nix Facebook
Eye of Nix Tumblr
Scry Recordings
Scry Recordings Facebook

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