Neige Morte Preview New Track “De Dödas Röster” from Upcoming Album TRINNNT


French black metal act Neige Morte stand on the threshold of their new album TRINNNT’s release.  Neige Morte are a group from Lyon, France and “create icy and oppressive hypothermic musical blast” – a statement that seems appropriate given their name which translates to “Snow Death”. “Ponderous and bizarre passages of atmospheric sound crack and give way plunging the listener into frozen riffs as they are carried off by the post-Black Metal current tearing through the heart of Neige Morte” – and this description is quite apt and fitting – bizarre riffs indeed.  “De Dödas Röster” is full of bizarre riffs and ranges closer to PORTAL than the Post-Metal and is perfectly appropriate for the coming dark Canadian winters.

TRINNNT was recorded by Alexei Alexandrov and mixed and mastered by S.A and is out December 15th on Consouling Sounds (CD) and Division Records, Grain Of Sand and Dullest Records (LP).

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