Thor Ragnarok (2017)

In any language this is a cool poster

I enjoyed a lazy day today. I spent the majority of the hours within it surrounded by immediate family not doing much of anything, sure I spent a few bucks on crap I didn’t need but it helped ease the pain of not having an ultimate purpose in life (whatever that might mean). As the day waned to a close I found myself thrust cinema bound by an uncontrollable urge. The newest Marvel movie was playing and someone had purchased a ticket for me.

Nuff said

Typically I wouldn’t consider myself a nerd, truthfully I can’t tell you the running order of the Avengers movies and how or even if they even tie in with those named after the characters within the team. Iron Man 1, 2 or 3 I enjoyed them all but not nearly as much as the Guardians of the Galaxy films. These entries have proven to be a tad more on the tongue in cheek arena and thus more in my wheelhouse. And also the reason why I was so excited to witness the newest Thor film, it looked fun, vivid and the most cartoon/comic strippy (Yea, that’s not a real word – but fug it!) of the entire series.

Just ask Anthrax…Judie Dredd… is the Law

Did I mention I spent near the entirety of my youth nosedeep in 2000AD be it Judge Dredd or any of the assorted spin offs I was there. I can well imagine a few people stopping to scratch their heads. What’s 2000AD? I’ll give you a few minutes to Google, or even Wikipedia the phenomenon, a few hours to search where to procure a dealer, days to sift through what might finally arrive on the doorstep and a lifetime to let the enjoyment seep into the system.

Only some of the characters to be found within the titles illustrious history 

Ok. All good? I’ll continue.
So, Yea 2000AD isn’t Marvel. Although if one researches they may well find the two linked in numerous ways, be it through writers, illustrators or any other manner of creative forces. Surprising, but not really. Anyhows I digress, seriously par for the course. Oh, a doughnut. Now I’ve gone and gotten myself distracted by an irresistible confectioners treat. Sprinkled in colorful bits and glazed in maple, oh my!
*Assorted manner of grunts and groans and other unmentionable noises.

Yes, it would be humorous but also undeniably cliched

Pulling myself back on subject I find myself pondering upon the cinematic affair that has recently flashed across my senses. Consider this not a review but rather a few words (ha! As if. Right!?).
Thor Ragnarok is, in not so many words, a feast for the senses. A deftly crafted effects spectacle, a slice of celluloid easy to lose time and oneself in. The action is fantastically over the top, realistic in a comic book kind of a way, the dialogue is humorous (admittedly often outlandish, even adult themed be prepared to answer your offsprings questions “what’s an anus, Dad?”) and characters even take moments out to laugh at themselves, each other and their predicament. Hulk ‘borrows’ the limelight in many a scene he appears in. Not to spoil the movie but he shows more emotion and says more in this film than in the whole entirety of the series in which he had starred thus far. His personality breaks free from the confines of the cardboard shell in which it’s encased (Hulk…Smash!!) and the movie is ultimately more comical because of this.

You don’t need to be a Mother to love a face like this

Naturally there are a slew of other characters who standout. A purple (green, blue is it possible Im colorblind?) rock guy, Korg, (who I can visualize a successful toy line, or even a shoot off film named after) with a much softer personality steals every scene in which he stars, Odin’s daughter, yes he has a daugher (played by a delicously svelte Cate Blanchet) is dramatically evil, Gothic and ambitious.

Hi. Don’t mind me, I’m just a pile of talking rocks

Jeff Goldblum steps forth from the shadows in which he’s been hawking the advantages of an apartment searching website to portray a god like being who runs a planet with an iron hand. But don’t mistake him for someone who doesn’t care, he can’t stand to utilize words that would make him out to be a ruthless dictator. Anthony Hopkins is delightful too, this goes without mentioning. I truthfully don’t think I’ve seen him in a film I haven’t liked. Off subject, I thought Westwood was crazy impressive, an amazing homage to the movie on which it’s based.
Back on track. Thor, played again by Mr. Helmsworth (for the life of me I can’t think of his first name) entertained throughout the entire movie be it with his demeanor, uninflatable ego or the undeniable fact that he can summon lightning from any orifice he so chooses. Seriously, that’s just wicked cool. Though I’m left wondering, wouldn’t doing so hurt like a sum bitch or at the very least leave a mark?

I have the power…my bad was that ‘copywrited’?

 Last but not least this brings me to Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Time and time again I’ve heard him to be my wife’s favorite (closely followed by Groot) which makes  me only ponder more upon the reasoning as to why she finds me oh so fascinating. As one might expect Loki remains a mischievous, not trustworthy so and so (no shocker there) and helps fuel the overall storyline in all manner of interesting ways.
Without spoiling the storyline and everyones fun, I’ll merely gloss over the fact that everyone dies, Asgaard dissolves into ash, Idriss Elba defends a populace (rather than the remains of a mythical land) without using magical six shooter abilities, Hela is given the moniker the Goddess of Death for good reason, Odin dissolves into dust and the Death Star is not the ship seen after the credits consuming the ship carrying the remains of the Asgaardian race.
There I did it, a few words, nothing more really and this really didn’t comprise a review so much as a not coherent train of thought.

Spoiler Alert!

I’m out, but by all means check out Thor Ragnarok. I can’t fault it, I won’t even try, it was an applaudale piece of escape-from-reality cinema with the occasiona non preachy moral that I look forward to adding to my collection. Again, lets get this straight…I’m not a nerd, in the true sense of the word anyway. But rather someone who enjoys comic books and superheroes on occasion.
Hulk. Smash! I love the part where he tosses Thor around like a ragdoll.
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