Talking with Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill’s Demetrius Stear



DIAG:  So, to get things started, tell me who you are and what you do?

DS:  My name is Demetrius Stear and I’m a film actor and producer.

DIAG:  When did you start acting?

DS:  Uh, I’ve been acting since uh, 2003?  Long time.

DIAG:  That is a long time.

DS:  Yeah, yeah.

DIAG:  So you played DJ Speed in Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill, did you wanna tell me about your character?

DS:  DJ Speed was the DJ of the band, Kill Pussy Kill, and uh, he’s a very aggressive kind of..  uh, I guess you could..  well, I wouldn’t call him a tweaker, but he’s really into drugs, he’s kinda like living life in the fast lane, very hostile.  But you know I think he means well?  He’s kind of like the black sheep of the band and um, but at the same time, he’s kinda like got some heroic elements to him as well too.

DIAG:  Yeah he kinda had that meth smoking, vaguely kinda creepy sorta date rapist kinda guy?

DS:  Yeah I mean, maybe I wouldn’t go that far.  He has some asshole qualities, he’s kinda misunderstood in a lot of ways.  He has some asshole qualities, and he has some hero elements and you can see them in the film.

DIAG:  Yeah, I watched the film last night and everyone seems to have some asshole qualities to them.

DS:  Yeah yeah, well when you get to a place where there’s torture elements there and you’re not sure if you’re gonna make it out alive, those asshole qualities are going to come out.

DIAG:  So, Jared Cohn was the director for The Domicile, another horror film that recently came out – whats it like to work with him?

DS:  Oh, Jared is great.  We’ve had a relationship as long as I’ve been acting.  We went to school together.  Down in Santa Monica.  We were able to maintain a relationship together over the years and he’s been a great help along.  He’s had my back, helped me to become a better actor.  I really like him..  well, actually, you know I really love that guy.

DIAG:  Yeah, I really liked The Domicile and this one was great as well.  Any interesting take aways from your work on this film?

DS:  Yeah, it was pretty cool because I got to work with Richard Greco, which was cool because I was a big fan of 21 Jump Street growing up and that was a really cool moment for me being able to work with him.  Also, it was kinda like a reunion for me and Sarah because have worked together on a couple other films, so there was some familiar faces and it was cool to reconnect and make another project together.

DIAG:  What are you working on next?

DS:  Actually I’m developing a graphic novel comic book from writer Chuck Dixon, he’s a famous comic book writer, and he did Bane from the Batman comic book series, he did a lot of work with DC comics – Batman, The Punisher, and he wrote this comic and it’s kind of like Shaun of the Dead, or the Walking Dead I guess.  It’s about the apocalypse and these two die hard gamers have to try to set up a survival town called Sea Town, like a Home Depot or Lowe’s and they have to fend of the zombies, and biker gangs and there’s a lot of different moving parts going on.  So I’m developing that, and we just wrapped up the script and we are setting up the budget and going into the finance aspect and starting to raise capital for it.

DIAG:  What’s some advice you’d give to an actor who is just starting out?

DS:  Believe in yourself, mostly because if you don’t, no is gonna believe in you and a model that I like to live by is to just trust the process.  This industry isn’t a race or a sprint, it’s a process that has to be developed over time.  You asked me how long I’ve been in this business, and I’ve been at it since 2003, and you know, and I’ve learned so much along the process, like how to make movies, produce movies, how to act in movies.  That’s all I can say – believe in yourself.  How many times, all these young actors they wanna rush things, and they listen to other voices that might be in their minds and a lot of time those voices are negative.  So cut the noise out, accept the process and believe in yourself.

DIAG:  What kind of films do you normally watch?

DS:  Uh, I’m a big..  I love crime drama, but I’m a big horror fan as well obviously.  I like a lot of Michael Mann, Brian De Palma, John Carpenter.  Carpenter is one of my favourite diretors.  Wes Craven.  I would say old school stuff, I dig old school stuff, 80s/90s.  Some stuff today, but mostly 80s/90s is where I get lost.

DIAG:  So the next little bit, we call it our lightning round, and it’s kind of like word association so I’m gonna give you two options and you pick whichever one you prefer?

DIAG:  Daffodils or daisies?

DS:  Daisies.

DIAG:  Puppies or kitties?

DS:  Puppies.

DIAG:  Coffee or tea?

DS:  Tea.

DIAG:  Whiskey or beer?

DS:  Whiskey.

DIAG:  Tits or ass?

DS:  Ass.

DIAG:  Halloween or Christmas?

DS:  Halloween.

DIAG:  Natural drugs or chemical drugs?

DS:  Natural.

DIAG:  Digital or analog?

DS:  Digital.

DIAG:  Liquor or whores?

DS:  I gotta say liquor.

DIAG:  Haunted house movie or slasher movie?

DS:  Haunted house.

DIAG:  Candy Corn or Candy bars?

DS:  Candy bars.

DIAG:  So, because we are called Drunk in a Graveyard, our website focuses on  horror movies and getting really drunk, so with that in mind what’s your favourite horror movie and the intoxicant of choice you would pair with it?

DS:  Oh man, that’s a good question.  There’s so many good horror films, I guess I’d have to go with, I really like the Lost Boys.  That one has had a profound effect on me, and it’s just one of my favourite films, horror and non horror.  As for liquor wise, I’d have to say, I’m from Kentucky, so I’d have to say bourbon.  You can’t go wrong with some Jim Beam, or Tennessee Honey.

DIAG:  That sounds like a great pairing!

Thank you to Demetrius for taking the time to speak with us and for sanctioning our buffoonery.  Thank you also to Clint and Kate from October Coast for setting it all up for us.
Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill is out on VOD October 27th!


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