Candy Apples & Razor Blades: The Treats of Halloween 2017

Well, the greatest time of year is gone.  LONG HUGE GOTHIC SIGHHHHH.

So since I’ll be nursing my Halloween hangover for the next week or so, let’s take a look at some of the best treats we found this year!

1. Candy Corn Cotton Candy 


Holy fuck this stuff is amazing.  I love both candy corn AND cotton candy so this was a clear win.  Found this at Homesense and bought way way too much of it.  It got bad enough that I went back two days in a row to get some.  I’m gross.  Kill me.

2.  This Plush Halloween Pusheen


Oh yes.  Everyone’s favourite meme cat is now in Halloween form.  I found this little bastard at Claire’s Accessories and it was way too much, but fuck it.

3.  These novelty Twix and Snickers


They are pumpkin and ghost shaped for some reason and I found them at the dollar store.  I ate like six pumpkins in a row one day due to stress and then realized I was surrounded with chocolate and had a stress cry about it..  then ate more chocolate.  So my life is going great, if you wanted to know!

4.  The Infamous Canadian Halloween Bars


These guys are pretty cool.  I mean, Coffee Crisp is fucking dope and who remembers that commercial with the guy in an office and he goes to get some coffee out of a drawer in his desk and the drawer is just full of black coffee and he scoops it up with a mug like a ladle.

5.  These Halloween Bear Paws/Scare Paws


First off.  I’m a sucker for orange and black..  er..  orange and dark brown.  Er..  anyways, I found these at the dollar store and they’re just awful.  They tasted like dirt, but I guess the packaging is cool?

6.  These Novelty Rice Krispies


These rice krispies are really just regular krispies with orange packaging but Halloween..  amirite?

7.  Caramel Apples


I made caramel apples for the first time ever this Halloween and hot damn that was a real bastard of a project.  First off, peeling 100 little individually wrapped caramels sucks my fucking ass.  Second, you essentially boil caramel like a cool guy and it makes a gigantic sticky mess but worth it I guess because delicious??

8.  The Sweet Tits on This Vintage Halloween Blow Mold



The aforementioned Halloween ladies in my 17 Things That Got Me Through Halloween 2017 post sold me this dope ass 1950s era esque blow mold of a ghost hovering over a tombstone and I’m really into the sick tits on that ghost.  I also paid way too much for this but lol.


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