Evil Sound Screamers – Acid Witch

Acid Witch can (and should!) be enjoyed year round, but there’s something really special about blasting them out of your speakers on the eve of All Hallows Eve. Acid Witch, like a handful of other bands, capture that quintessential Halloween feeling and distill it into something to be aurally ingested. Their music evokes the smell of rubber masks, haunted houses and drinking beers down by the cemetery at the witching hour. You know, the best things in life.

Mixing loads of doom and death with healthy heaps of marijuana and leather jackets, Acid Witch present their third album, Evil Sound Screamers,to quite a bit of anticipation. What I’ve always found impressive about Acid Witch is how lauded and celebrated they are, despite their arguably small (three full lengths and a handful of EP’s) discography. Probably something to be said about quality over quantity right? All of Acid Witch’s albums have been solid efforts and through them they’ve managed to amass a sizable and ravenous following that clamours for each release. I’m here to say, this album is no different and deserves all the anticipation it’s caused.

On Evil Sound Screamers, Acid Witch yet again combine death and doom metal, though leaning very heavily into the doom side this time around. Keyboards layered overtop provide a kaleidoscopic and psychedelic effect, while guttural yet mostly decipherable vocals narrate tales of horror and macabre mischief. All the remains is to sprinkle in a healthy dose of sound samples sourced from spooky sound tapes of yore and old horror movie trailers and you’ve got another strong album from the Detroit group.

Fittingly, Evil Sound Screamers is being digitally released on October 31st because lets be real, there’s no other acceptable date. Physical copies will come in early 2018 though no date has been announced yet. Grab your copy from Hell’s Headbangers and have a happy Halloween!

-Scott (@scottfloronic)

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