The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow

Oh the sacred substance of fall, the great pumpkin spice.

How I love you, let me count the ways.

For real though..


It makes everything taste like pumpkin pie and is worshipped by spooky boys and gothy girls the nation over.  Every year in September, the pumpkin spiced products leak out of the woodwork and hit the shelves, and every year I go fucking bananas.

One of the first items I purchased I actually purchased in August (!!) at Claire’s Accessories because yes I am a near 32 year old woman who buys accessories from a young girl’s accessory shop.


Anyways, this is an iPhone 6s phone case.  It’s big and it’s brash and people comment on it wherever I go.  It’s actually a good quality phone case, and I like it a lot but it’s really bulky, so that’s kind of the only downside to it.  If you too would like to own one of these monstrosities, I found it at Claire’s and it was $16 CDN.


Up next is pumpkin pie flavored coffee and syrups from Homesense.  I think the set of 3 syrups was around $12 and the bag of coffee was $6.  The syrups are great mixed in with this coffee or any other and it doesn’t take much to make a delicious home made PSL.


Who remembers these chalky ass pseudo ice cream cone ass mother fuckers from their childhood?  Well, they’re back in PSL form.  The Voortman cookies are actually pretty yummy and they’re about $1.20 for one at the Superstore or Wal-Mart.’


If those chalky ass Voortman’s don’t work for you then these generic Dare brand Pumpkin Spice creme cookies certainly will.  These little guys are pretty yummy actually and make for a good afternoon snackrifice to the great gods of Fall.


Pumpkin spice Cheerios took some hunting but I finally found them at the Save-On foods.  The Cheerios are orange colored and very cinnamony.  These are really really yummy and might be my favourite PSL based product this fall.


The pumpkin spice frosted Mini Wheats are also good munch food.  I like taking them in a little bag to snack on at school and it helps keep the hanger away.


This pumpkin spice scone from Cobb’s bakery is a delicious treat, really filling and makes for a nice breakfast on the go.


This was really the craziest thing out of the whole bunch – Pumpkin Spice Latte Deodorant.  Yep, you read that right.  PSL deodorant?  Why?  Because Fuck it, that’s why.


Need a quick snack? How about a pumpkin spice granola bar and some pumpkin spice yogurt?


Or how about a snack after a long day? Try Dairy Queen’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard for a nice sweet ice cream treat. It tastes like pumpkin pie. For real.

Ugh, all this pumpkin spice stuff is making me hungry.
Time for more pumpkin spice.

Thanks to Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula for the inspiration to eat and document some yummy Halloweeny treats this year. Love you, boo.


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