In Memoriam: Scott Putesky / Daisy Berkowitz


Scott Putesky has died. It is an unimaginable loss for the Spooky Kids fandom, of which I am a lifelong member.


Scott with Jack Off Jill

Scott Putesky was better known as Daisy Berkowitz – the lead “psychoacoustical” guitarist and co-founder of Marilyn Manson, which was originally “Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids”. Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) and Scott made magic together, although their friendship was quite a turbulent one. Daisy left the band in 1996 during the recording of Antichrist Superstar, which is infamously known as a very trying time for all who was involved in the creation of the album: especially for Daisy (who bore the brunt of the antagonism between band members and Trent Reznor). He later went on to do his own solo work under the moniker “SMP” for the project Three Ton Gate. Most notably, after his departure from Marilyn Manson, he joined up with his longtime friend Jessicka Addams to become the temporary lead guitarist for Jack Off Jill in 1998. He only did recorded work with Jack Off Jill for the album Covetous Creature and amicably left the band in 1999, stating it was never meant to be a full-time replacement in the first place. After that he returned to working on Three Ton Gate, and joined up with Kills Miss Pretty in 2010 to revisit and remaster old Spooky Kids demos with both projects.


In September of 2013, Scott was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. He passed away on October 22nd of this year.


I was admittedly a Mansonite in the 90’s. I had an offensive shirt for every day of the week, for which I was consistently sent home from school. I had a lunchbox; I had all the Spooky Kids demos (which was not cheap or easy to obtain at that time). Daisy was my first “goth boy” crush. He had green hair and a pretty smile, and was notably not as obnoxious as the rest of the members of the band. Fans have always maintained how sweet and kind he was: always taking the time to talk to his fans, and even answering emails during an age when “rock stars” were seemingly untouchable. He remained humble and loyal to his fan base. I speculate this is largely a contributing factor of what turned him off from working with Brian any further, given the notorious nature and history of interactions between fans and other band members during their more drug-induced days. He successfully sued Brian for unpaid royalties for his contributions to Antichrist Superstar, of which he co-wrote 6 monumental tracks, including “Man That You Fear” (a song Brian admitted was their favourite piece of work together, in his recent tribute), and was rewarded the rights to 21 unreleased recordings of Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. He happily shared these recordings with fans, along with the pre-Reznor mix of Portrait Of An American Family (“Wrapped In Plastic” being an obvious favourite of mine, because Twin Peaks. This was one of Scott’s best sole musical contributions, in my opinion), as well as his artwork for band flyers/promotions.


It’s hard to find guys like Scott, these days: an incredibly talented musician who is also humble and dedicated to his fan base. A man who is more interested in creation than profit; a true artist and authentic human being. Scott was a diamond in the rough, and he will be sorely missed by all who loved and appreciated his contributions to this world who (largely, in my opinion) didn’t give it the honour and respect it deserves. I hope, if anything, his death will inspire the newer Marilyn Manson fan base to research his work and become familiar with the songs he wrote with the band, as well as his other side projects. I hope this will bring about a renaissance of his work amongst the new age of Mansonites. They have a lot to learn from him. I know I did, and I am forever grateful for it.


Goodnight, sweet Daisy. Give Bowie a hug for me.


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