Bieber, Whiskey, and The Shining: Talking with Blothar from GWAR


The Stage from GWAR-BQ 2016 – photo by Thirsty Thursday’s Jenna

DIAG:  Greetings Blothar, my name is Robin Goodfellow, how are you?

Blothar:  Oh hello, Robin Goodfellow, I am absolutely fine.

DIAG:  My apologies for being late this morning, I’m having some human based technical difficulties.

Blothar:  My apologies for taking a dump while we are talking.

DIAG:  Okay, so please great Blothar please inform our reader scum of who you are and what you do?

Blothar:  I am the newly minted lead singer of the rock band Gwar, interstellar, the greatest rock band in the history of human kind and all of the universe in fact.  And, that’s what I do.  I am a scumdog of the universe, recently thawed out to the take the reins from the late and great Oderus Urungus, who has unfortunately passed from this world.  We miss him very much.

DIAG:  We miss him as well, and this will be your first album without the great Oderus, can you please tell our garbage heap of readers what this will be like for Gwar?

Blothar:  Well, it’s a new sound for the band.  In some ways we couldn’t do what Oderus did, so we have tried to do something different.  Oderus Urungus was a fantastic singer with a variety of vocal styles and a hilarious lyricist and he was crude, lewd, and very intelligent and you know, we tried to keep that spirit in place, but we aren’t just doing the same old Gwar record.  The band had definitely fallen into a metal sound, and in the absence of Oderus we have discovered that the band has more of a rock sound so we are reverting back to some of it’s punk roots, and we are hoping to keep all of the pomposity and humor of heavy metal in place.  So, it’s a different record but it was fun to make, and I think it is going to be very fun for people to listen to.

DIAG:  The new single, “Fuck this Place” is very punk sounding, reminds me a little bit of some old school Gwar.  So your human slaves have been so blessed to receive this into their bleeding useless earholes, and with that in mind could you tell us a little bit about the making of “The Blood Of Gods”?

Blothar:  The making of “The Blood Of Gods”, well, we were faced with the prospect of..  well it’s one thing to ride around performing the songs that the band had been doing with Oderus Urungus, and it’s entirely another thing to make these songs, to craft them, and to make a new Gwar sound.  And it took a while to find a way to work and we did.  We pushed each other on this record and it’s a..  I think, musically it’s a very sound record.  The sound quality is..  well Ronan Murphy who is the producer, and he did a fantastic job of capturing the sonic range of Gwar and I think it’s the first Gwar record in quite a while that has a natural heavy hard rock sound on it, and it was made primarily here in Gwar’s adopted home of Richmond, Virginia, and in many studios around the universe.  We recorded much of it ironically by telephone and it still sounds good.  And we also recorded much of it telepathically from other planets.

DIAG:  I notice that there is a song called “El Presidente” and I’m curious if this is about a certain orange colored president and could he potentially be a new on stage sacrifice for Gwar?

Blothar:  Yeah everyone asks us if it’s about the Cheeto in Cheese, and I suppose it is.  And I think it’s really more about if Gwar were leaders of the free world.  President Trump is as chaotic in some ways as Gwar as a leader, and I think the first thing we would do, is that we would name the country West Korea and put Kim Jong Un in charge of everything and then spend the rest of our term trying to pass a Healthcare bill through Congress unsuccessfully.  That’s how ridiculous it would be.  We love to imagine Gwar in ridiculous situations.  The song does represent Trump but it also represents the sort of leaderless chaos that seems to consume this great nation.

DIAG:  Well you guys would have my vote and I’m not even an American citizen.  So you guys have a tour coming up, including a show on Halloween.  What could pathetic human concert goers look forward to in a Gwar show?

Blothar:  Well it’s going to be a violent orgy of death as all of our concerts are, and we are going to take the stage and try to perform and we are meanwhile going to be interrupted by these assholes who continually attack us while we are performing.  They will try to take all of our money, women, and drugs and we will fight them and resist them.  Humans can expect a hundred gallons of blood, pus and seminal fluid to be sprayed all over them.  And they can expect to die, the way that humans have always died during Gwar performances.  It’s going to be one of the greatest Gwar shows of all time, spectacular monsters, spectacular death machines.

DIAG:  Sounds like excellent first date material to me.

Blothar:  Oh yeah, and second date/base material too.

DIAG:  So, do you have future plans for Gwar that our readers are unaware of?

Blothar:  Well I don’t know if it’s future plans you’re unaware of, but definitely Gwar is going to go on tour, Gwar is going to make videos, and I guess people don’t know about that.  In other words, we want to take over the planet, have a lot of fun, do a lot of drugs.

DIAG:  Isn’t that what we all want to do?

Blothar:  That’s what everyone SHOULD want to do.

DIAG:  So, you’re going out on tour with Doyle, formerly of the Misfits, is there anychance he may potentially be murderously relieved of his duties and have a member of Gwar stand in?

Blothar:  Oh, no, no, Doyle is a force of nature all his own.  He will remain what he is, just a big weird muscle bound skull dude.

DIAG:  He really is just a giant chest muscle.

Blothar:  Yeah he is, he’s a muscle head.

DIAG:  So you guys have a comic..

Blothar:  Yes!  Orgasmageddon.  It’s a human thing, Macquire has been working on this, and it’s being put out on Dynamite.  It chronicles the story of Gwar being picked up around Mr. Perfect and talks about the sort of time machine, the multiverse that produces Gwar, and a lot of time travel involved, with Gwar going back in time to explain the stories of the characters.  We have been able to celebrate a lot of the artists who have helped to create Gwar, bringing in the great Chuck, Don Jackson, former slaves of Gwar who are artists in their own right, who have produced this great art for Gwar, and it’s all there for our fans, old and new.

DIAG:  I also heard that Gwar-BQ is postponed until 2018, possibly because you guys are addicted to Pokemon Go, is that true?  (click here to read our frontline coverage of Gwar-BQ 2016)

Blothar:  Yes, that’s exactly right.  We are addicted.  Well, though, we are busy, and we have a lot to do, and we felt like taking a break, finding a new venue for the event, so it’s going to be a year without Gwar-BQ but when we come back it’s going to be stronger than ever and it’s going to be an even more immersive fan experience and we needed some time to prepare.

DIAG:  That sounds awesome!  Can’t wait.  So this brings me to our lightning round, which is just word assosciation, so I will give you two options and you have two pick whichever one is more appealing.  Sound good?

Blothar:  Mmmhmm.

DIAG:  Puppies or kitties?

Blothar:  Puppies.

DIAG:  Daffodils or daisies?

Blothar:  Daisies.

DIAG:  Clowns or mimes?

Blothar:  Mimes.

DIAG:  Justin Bieber or Drake?

Blothar:  Oh, I’m gonna go with the Biebs.

DIAG:  Liquor or whores?

Blothar:  Whores man, all the way.

DIAG:  And on that note, tits or ass?

Blothar:  I’m gonna go with ass.

DIAG:  An assman, I like it.  Beer or whiskey?

Blothar:  Whiskey.

DIAG:  Digital or analog?

Blothar:  Analog all the way.

DIAG:  Slasher movie or haunted house movie?

Blothar:  Slasher.

DIAG:  And, killing humans or fucking them?

Blothar:  Oh boy that’s a hard one.  Can’t they be the same thing?  The old fuck kill?

DIAG:  Sure!  Why not.  So our last question, because the website we run is called Drunk in a Graveyard, we focus on horror movies, heavy metal, and getting fucked up drunk, so we are asking for you favourite horror film to watch and the intoxicant of choice you would pair to go with it?

Blothar:  My favourite horror movie is gonna have to be The Shining and uh..  I think the drink of choice would be smoking a shit ton of weed and then getting really creeped out by little kids.

DIAG:  Well that’s it.  That’s all I’ve got for you.  I will let you get back to your now extended shit, and thank you for talking to us.

You can find GWAR on facebook and on twitter.

You can pre-order “The Blood of Gods” here and it’s out October 20th on Metal Blade records.

Thanks to Blothar for speaking with us and Sarah from Metal Blade for setting it all up.

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