Treading The Missed Mondays: Bitten n’ Stricken n’ Chicken Pickin’


Whilst I may not be robust will muscle or wreathed in university degrees, I am (unfortunately for my adversaries) a practical polymath. For the simpler amongst us, all that means is that I can find applications for skills, knowledge, and even failures. Strangely enough, I’ve come to find in my quarter-century of life that most people can barely do basic head-math anymore, let alone preform time-oriented tasks with any efficiency, AND THAT LEAVES ME WITH QUESTIONS.

What happened to life-skills? My mother taught me how to bake before I could ride a bicycle, and my father had me fishing before I could properly colour, AND YET, I deal with people on a daily basis who don’t understand things as simplistic as how taxes works, how to fix a flat tire, or even cook.




Now, let’s not pee in the entire ocean right off the bat. Through all that we still manage to make jaw-dropping art, write technical literature, and make sweet, beautiful music. That may as it may, how is it so rare? I look at artists like TheRealAK who I talked about a couple weeks ago and think to myself, “Damn, I had something like that drive at 16, what did I do with it?”, “Where did the time go?”, but in the end, I’ve come to realise that I didn’t lose anything, I just lived through it. We compartmentalize to make ensure that we survive and not thrive. Bills take the place of vacations, deadlines slither into where we used to have moments of peace and sink those tiny hooks into you. Whichever cast stone impacts you the most heavily, know that you can find just about any excuse to stop yourself if you go looking for it.

“Didn’t have the time today-“, Time doesn’t stop.

“Things coming u-“, They always will.

“Don’t feel very wel-“, No one does. You see them stopping?

Let’s start with time always being the issue. We all comprehend this one pretty universally as most of us suffer it’s passing with no way of knowing when ours will end, and that’s pretty scary if you’re afraid of death.

Counterpoint; How are you going to “earn” more? How exactly do you intend on outliving your death? I would wager more than a coin in the mouth that other than a religious few, we all come to live either in petrified terror of that moment, or we live in every moment leading up to it. Time is not short, time is consistent, we are one of the few species that actively waste it.


Doubt I need say a ton about any band that is part of the Big 4, still slaying audiences with fresh albums, and almost none of the initial members have even died! A ten from the Russian judge. Either way, this song has been my “Skating Vert” anthem, and I dropped into a billion and ten bowls to this in my ear drums, because I like most Anthrax songs. . . It just doesn’t waste time. Belladonna had one of the most unique voices out there alongside Blitz from Overkill and Halford from Priest, and despite plenty of naysayers, Anthrax has yet to have such a momentous decrease in musical quality that it has really affect them, they’ve just gone with the time, grown, become themselves but better. #squadgoals , if I do say so myself.

Money. Root of all, silencer of many, resolution to none. You don’t need a daft grasp on how the world works to understand that the poor and kept poor. The addicted, kept addicted. The suffering, molded to suffer. “Anything for a dollar”, “10 bucks for eating belly lint, is still ten bucks”, whatever shameful anecdote you can pull from an experience that totally didn’t happen or fund your taquitos once, it’s cool. Being a slave to something is a choice. Cease the impertinent thought that you are unable to live without the common frivolities of everyday life. You don’t need cable TV, or half those vegetables you left to rot in the fridge, or Tinder, or another slice of cake Becky you fucking cow. Your dietary choices are affecting us as a family.


Bit of a tattered unit here, with inter-band sass being thrown left and right, so far as the drummer “Cobra” saying he is credited with the drums on the album, despite only being hired for a photoshoot which does appear on the inserts of the CD’s, weird AF right? A side project of members of Nocturnal Rites, Guillotine has two studio albums to their name currently, and although I could find heads or tails of whether they still do band stuff or not, this album I pretty solid, not exemplary, but very GOOD. Just good. Stop getting your hopes up, I’m only one man.


Just kidding, but sort of not really. Only you know what’s right for you, what suits your needs, but allow me to be the first to say that playing it safe like that is going to be the least amount of living you could do, and in the words of the most southern name I’m going to get to type for awhile Danny Joe Brown,

“ We’re flirtin’ with disaster,

Ya’ll know what I mean.
And the way we run our lives,
It makes no sense to me.
I don’t know about yourself or what you want to be, yeah.
When we gamble with our time,
We choose our destiny. “


Stay thick, queens.

-BEAR (@blairsphemy on instagram)

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