Treading the Missed Monday: Love (And Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases)



Despite songs not having boobs, butts, or wangs, that does not disqualify them from being SEXY. From the first time you heard Marvin Gaye drop those iconic “Let’s Get It On” funk notes to the far more crude “Hot Sex” by Spread Eagle, what I would like to heavily differentiate today is that music can try and sell either passion or lust, and usually the overbearing passionate ones are distinctly more powerful.

You can have songs about being desperate for love, or songs about being damaged by love, covering each and every little cranny of the musical palette (with love). Songs about being torn between two loves, or the lone lover that they could never get over, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. The clawing issue with love songs is that they can be quite. . . corny. The 80’s showed us that you can write an entire album with almost every song being about that one broad subject, a few sad ones sprinkled on a salad of happy ones, with like one “we’re actually cowboys” olive of a song.

Now, I did do my best to make my salad of love songs exemplary in its diversity, and hopefully you can dig your teeth into it and read the difference between some rock star singing to get his snake wrangled, and the permeating warmth of an individual crying while they sang about someone they felt for.

Have a lovely September, dweebs.



– BEAR        (@Blairsphemy on instagram)

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