Treading the Missed Mondays: Scissors too Tattered, Thread too Strong


Through the cumulative upkeep of work and standard every day life junk, I have arrive at a form of personal homeostasis. I am not “wanting” for anything (persay), nor do I find myself burdened daily with the weights of jealousy, debt, or depression. This has filled a chunk of my life which was previously lacking with VIGOR. I have lost the “want” to just sit, pretty much ever. Being lazy has almost always been my strong suit and rest assured my skill at “having a fat sit” is pretty much unmatched.



I re-embraced all the paths which make me perhaps not unique, but each one that has converged to make me who I am today. Things like my art, exercising, and playing plenty of music. We have lots of threads tied to things here and there and it may seem hard to tug those threads and reconnect to long lost loves and hobbies, but I promise you that we are tied much stronger to things like that than to things like toxic friends, liquor, manipulative lovers, and Lay’s Sizzlin’ Szechuan chips.

I am lying about the chips.

Point being, if you wake up at every crack of 11 AM, limbs sore, head pounding, wiping filth from wherever it landed on you,

You can change that. Ain’t even all that hard. If you need help taking the first step and are having trouble, hit up your boy. We can talk. Maybe we have a little thread worth reeling back in.

Wish I knew all that at 16 like our artist here, say waddup to the homie Austin,


Yeah. In the words of Tupac from “Shorty Wanna Be A Thug”, “Sixteen, nigga? SIXTEEN?!”. Give this dude five years and he’s gonna be running the game. Dude is writing heavier bars than a jail cell from in front of his closet! Lyrics wrapped in reality and emotion, and fly ass beats. If I said I hadn’t learned a few of these of by heart, I’d be lying.


“Whaaaaaaat. Bear we just saw AK”

WELL SEE IT AGAIN, FROG-LEGS! This time around we coming out the gate with that smooth piano beat and (straight-up) dude can SING. In the words of a watch-along video I once saw for this very song, “Is there anything he can’t do?” AK can’t even drink in the states and he is already handing out shots like he’s the bartender. Not only is he rarely vulgar (profanity excluded), but most pieces he does are either geared towards being quite visceral “world-views”, or just proving to haters that he can do anything he sets his mind too, just like the first video he posted as a wee lil tyke spitting fire over a really horrible Desiigner song.


Get that in you before Youtube rips it down again. How many of us can say we were ready to be that dedicated to something at 16? That we actually had the cajones to stand up and say we knew what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives, how we were going to contribute, and what our gifts and muses were? Certainly not I, but with a little introspection and some time I’m at least taking my first steps.

Some of y’all ain’t even laced your boots yet.

– BEAR   (@blairsphemy on Instagram)

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