Treading The Missed Mondays: I Killed So Many Flies Yesterday


And on the note of being philosophically different, while looking almost the exact fucking same, we arrive at today’s topic which has pained many a google’r while they were a’googlin’:


Straight out the gate (unless this is the first time you’ve read one of my articles) you’ve probably figured out that I reeeeaaally like Chuck Schuldiner’s “DEATH”. I think it housed some of the best musicians in the business at one point or another, and that Chuck’s style evolved in an inexplicable and uncontrolable manner.


Excellent question, class. You’re all so firm this time of year, but the answer is a firm,

In 1971 this gang of brothers (literally) witnessed the birth of the british invasion when The Beatles played the Ed Sullivan show, and the next day one of them found an abandoned guitar in an alley and the rest is history as they say. “Death 1971” is a pretty well know piece of metal history, but most peeps missed the train on a pretty cool thrash band which I have been thinking of a great amount lately as I listen to their “name-sibling” band,

I give you, SWORD:

So yeah, I’ve been listening to “The Sword” and thinking to myself “ohmanblair. Remember, SWORD, but without the THE” and as I obviously do, here we are. Somewhere between bands like WAYNE or Armored Saint, “Metalized” gets all over the board, definitely worth a spin if you enjoy that opener track, though it may be my personal favorite on the whole thing.

Last but certainly not least in a similar fashion, I’ve actually had the conversation where the opposing party knew both of the following bands, and he had shown similar displeasure to people only knowing one of the pair. Kalmah is a pretty well wicked band with a growing fanbase, with a languaged derived from Finnish but varying in way I’m sure none of us base-english speakers would understand, it is spoken in a very specific place you may never have heard of; The Russian Republic of Karelia.

Yeah, I’d wanna get outta there too if one day you were just suddenly Russia’s. But lesser known then those fellow permafrostians, is what happens when you miss the first letter in googling their name. Side project of Edu Falaschi (Lead Singer of Angra), Almah doesn’t sound heavily dissimilar from many other big Brazilian metal acts, but it is really nice having a high quality vocalist doing other projects.

Anyway, 90% of the landscape within​ a small radius of my home is on fire. Here’s hoping we can keep a grassfire down if it kicks up real hard.

Stay safe,


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