Friday Five: Vol. 5

#horror: I really appreciated this film, but I don’t think it’d be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s an Americanized version of films Asian horror have been producing for decades – films like Battle Royale and Suicide Club. It’s a bit avant garde and bizarre.
The subject matter is the over dramatic lives of teenage girls and cyber bullying – with a bit of an anti-social media/lax parenting message towards the end – which I can totally get behind. The gore is pretty minimal for queasy folks, and the acting is surprisingly good – with some really great guest stars.
Typically American versions of Asian films make me rage – but this was a pretty fresh and original homage to the genre.
Thale: This movie left me breathless; my heart aching, my eyes brimming with tears. This is the kind of fantasy/horror crossover film that awakens something in me that I can not describe; that I can not put into words properly. I feel alive in a way that is almost too painful to bear. It’s that full of the feels.
I wish it had been a longer film. I wish i could’ve seen more of her, because – I think – I am kind of in love.
Definitely not a true horror film, but it has horror elements. It is a dark fairytale. I, personally, appreciate this genre.
The Forest: I wanted so much more from this film. SO MUCH MORE.
Aokigahara Forest is one of those places that, for me, I must see before I die (but not WHEN I die, of course. Becoming a yūrei is not one of my death goals). I know, I know – it’s kind of a creepy location for someone’s bucket list, but whatevs. I’m weird.
There have been a few films made about it – none that were any good, I am afraid.
This one was the best, out of all of them – but…that is not saying much. A few scenes were genuinely creepy, but other than that, it was a whole lot of forest porn and me crushing hard on Natalie Dormer – which, let’s be honest, is kind of worth it. Other than that, it was a flop.

You can click here for Rigby’s hilarious review of the Forest.

Zlo: This film wasn’t that bad. If you can get over the possessed woman looking like a member of Cradle Of Filth, the movie is pretty decent. Now, the version I saw was overdubbed in English – I would recommend seeing the original with subs – as I personally hate dubbed movies. I am sure it would’ve been much better in Slovak (which Zlo translates into Evil. btw). Overall, it was alright – good minimalist horror.
The Atticus Institute: Once again – we have a great premise to an otherwise highly overdone genre ruined by bad graphics. Are make up artists too expensive these days? I mean, this is supposedly from the people who did The Conjuring, which was pretty decent (in my humble opinion, my fellow DIAG colleagues disagree) and made a boat load of money. IT WAS ONE SCENE, GUYS. ONE SCENE THAT HAD TO COUNT. And you blew it on cheap, crappy CGI.
Such a shame. The actress was phenomenal. This really was a good film until the graphics debacle. *shrug* Meh. I fucking hate CGI.
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