Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Grim Love


Hey Varg

You’re the one person I thought I could ask about this.  I’m in a black metal band with some of my friends and I had something weird recently happen.

My one friend who is the singer (I play drums), and I got really drunk on bad beer after a show and we were still wearing our corpse paint and blood and we had this really deep conversation about life and black metal and it’s like we fucking bonded like soldiers who had just gone to battle.  The next day in the van he reached over and held my hand for a while.  At first I was like offended because I’m not gay, but I held his hand and it was okay.  Things have gotten weird from there because sometimes I catch his eye and its like he knows something deep about me and I want to know all this stuff about him.

I’m worried my bandmates will find out.  I’m not gay.

Questioning in Quesnel




Dear Questioning,

Young man, I thank you most highly for writing in to my love advice column with your query and I wish to offer you some variety of comfort in knowing that your letter to me is simply one of many of the same tone and content that I receive.  You are not alone.  

The battle of a black metal show is very much like one of the viking battles of old and you are astute in saying that you and your friend bonded like soldiers.  There is nothing wrong with a little hand holdery and playful sexual teasing between two comrades in times of war.

Best Wishes,


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