Treading the Missed Mondays: Uses for Matchsticks in 2017, A Guide


Oh, man.

It’s been awhile since bands getting back together has been something that brought real anger into wherever my heart is, BUT IT HAPPENED!

Now, changing you band’s name does not cover the multitude of atrocities you commit whilst under your original moniker, and it should certainly not be overlooked in the case of absolute fucking trash human beings in the first coined “Blood On The Dance Floor”.


These cephalopod taints used being skinny, androgynous peacocks to molest girls after their shows with such seemingly unsatiable lust that they believe they were rock good, outside the limits and perview of the rest of the world, but then one of them decided to attempt to rape none other than a female who was part of their very tour crew, which in turn lead to them getting removed from Warped Tour and facing serious public backlash.

Now, I would never put a shotgun filled with rocksalt against your eardrum and pull the trigger, so I’m obviously not going to make you listen to any of their music either. The reason I have brought up said act is to inform you that they have changed their name! Hoooorraaaaaaay. So if you see “Davhie Insanity” or his new band with his girlfriend, “Sinners Are Winners”,

Light the stage on fire for me, and remind him that changing your name, changes nothing.

He should be in prison, getting treated like he treated so many underaged girls.

Have an appealing week, dregs.

– Bear.

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