Interview With The Void’s Aaron Poole


Drunk in a Graveyard LOVED The Void.

Like Gatsby who believed in the green light, we believe in the work Steven Kostanski, Jeremy Gillespie, and anyone else in the ASTRON-6 fam-jam.

Two years ago we sat down for a fun interview with Jeremy Gillespie, so in an effort to round out our coverage of The Void, we were lucky enough to be able to sit down for a fun little spell with star of The Void, Aaron Poole.  Aaron played ‘hot-cop’ Daniel Carter, and even though he didn’t send us any shirtless selfies, we still had a ton of fun with this interview.


RG:  Tell me who you are, and what you do.

AP:  I am Aaron Poole and I play Daniel Carter in the film, The Void

RG:  So, what was it like to work on the Void? How did you get cast?

AP:  The void was like a month of sleep-over summer camp with fake monsters in an old condemned high school.  Jeremy and Steve and the producer, Casey Walker, were familiar with my work,( the only three people who are) so they offered me the role.

RG:  Given the pedigree of Seven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie, were you nervous about working with them?

AP:  At first, yes. Their chauffeur (or house manager, I can’t remember?) assured me that they were very nice, and in the week that I stayed in their guest cabin, I had plenty of time to think about what I would say to them. So, eventually, when they freed up some time, we REALLY hit it off. They’re so down to earth!


RG:  The Void scared my pants off – Any scary moments take place on set?

AP:  Anybody who stayed late in the old school where the hospital was set told stories about strange noises and vibes. There were rooms filled with hundreds of old desks piled high. It was definitely a spooky place to be in at night alone with almost no electricity.

RG:  What was the hardest part about playing that foxy ass cop?

AP:  Trying to keep so many people from killing each other while running for my life. A solid month of negotiations, terror, and killing became something I called Monster Cardio. Someone could start a chain of practical effects Aerobic classes where we all run from hideous tentacle monsters.

RG:  Did you do anything special to get ready for your role?

AP:  I sat in a sacred triangle at the appointed spot in the centre of the Sahara. Then Steve and Jeremy sent their man for me.

RG:  Since you’re Canadian, how do you feel about ketchup chips which are a Canadian delicacy..

AP:  I save them for special occasions. Like the River Tide Celebration and the Tree Pollen dances.


RG:  What’s on the horizon for you? Anything coming up that we can look forward to?

AP:  The Empty Man written and directed by David Prior is going to be something special.

RG:  Do you have any tips for actors starting out? What’s something you’d say to a younger version of yourself?

AP:  While you are training and lining up for other people’s fancy projects, build and contribute to a community that builds your own lo-fi projects.

RG:  Our site is called Drunk in a Graveyard and we center our coverage around getting boozy and watching horror movies, so with that in mind, tell us about a horror film you would watch and the intoxicant of choice to go along with it?

AP:  With a group of friends, I’ll go for all day breakfast and eat the mushroom special. Then we’ll eat some pancakes. Over Jameson and coffees, I’ll get us all to write love letters and knock knock jokes to each other and keep them in our pockets. Then, once the coffee and Jamie and mushroom special are sitting nice, we’ll go to The Void. The love letters are in our pockets in case of emergency. And we will need them.


RG:  Bonus question – did you get to keep that cool jacket you wore in the Void?

AP:  I tried to get that jacket but the costume designer said it belonged to her boyfriend. But I have my doubts. Thing is, she’s a neighbor. So if I ever see her wearing it…. there will be blood.

Big thanks to Aaron for being dope as fuck, and to Steven and Jeremy for crafting the wonderful horror that is The Void.  You can click on over to listen to our podcast where we gush about The Void, and be sure to follow Aaron on Twitter.

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