Trash/Thrash Tuesday – Fistula – Too Many Devils And Drugs

I’m pretty sure i’ve never written about this song before, and i’m a little lost as to how I slipped up that bad? It has murder, satan, acid, sludgy guitars and is just generally unpleasant – all the things I love in my metal. Time to remedy that mistake though. Fistula, the miserable souls who unleashed Too Many Devils and Drugs last year on their album Long for Infection, are favorites around the Graveyard, and this song is a solid example of why. It’s all about Ricky Kasso, the “say you love satan” dick from the 80’s who murdered a classmate out in the woods and later killed himself in his jail cell. All for Satan of course. It makes for some great Tuesday night listening for sure, so crank this up and shake some shit off your walls for the Dark Lord.

-Scotty (@drunkgraveyard)

Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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