Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: He Is Risen


Dear Varg,

Do you have any special Easter traditions?

Hoppy Easter in Harrisville


Hello Hoppy,

Thank you most kindly for writing in to my column this week, and I must remind you that the Judeo-Christian holiday that you refer to as Easter is nothing more a bastardization of the pagan holiday of Eostre/Ostara, and a further bastardization of the rise of Odhinn’s brightest and most beautiful son, Baldr.  In the ancient Viking tradition, Baldr’s death was marked on the winter solstice, and his body would be committed to the crypt.  He would rise again in the spring as the world grew green and bright again.

However, since I am not one to be so serious all of the time, I am not above an old fashioned easter egg hunt.  Did you know that a plastic easter egg makes for a fun toy for sexual arousal in both males and females?  There are also several companies who make sexual enhancement toys in the form of anal plugs that have little rabbit tails.

I recommend both.  Pleasant Hopping!

Varg the Easter Bunny Vikernes

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