Treading the Missed Mondays:Like 500 Dogs and 4 Wolves


Is getting up and going to the same job day after day dragging you into an early and unwanted grave? It does that too most of us, even if you find comfort and success in your respective field, you may not find fulfillment.

Hilariously enough, a year ago I left a job that I thought was going to make me turn a crackshack into a acrid pile of ashes and pipes, and tried my hand at something between kitchen/retail. Needless to say, one year later, I have returned to said job where my feelings of tweaker firewood first caught a spark.

The biggest pro’s to said job:

– I am the stereo. Music is not a daily pre-delegated playlist containing moldy oldys and two or three top 40 hits.

– No getting dressed up. You don’t need a uniform to sell bongs.

– Upgrading the store. Finally getting things how I wanted them all the years I worked there.

– Being the key guy, who has the keys, and also does the unlocking, is great.

TLDR; I got my old job back and now I run New York.

Now, so that no one ever asks me what is playing in said shop, here are over 700 choice cuts from damn near every artist we listened to.

Merry April.


– Bear

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