Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: MEMEntos


Dear Varg,

My girlfriend broke up with me recently in order to relocate to another city for work.  We still talk a lot and I miss her.  I find lately I’ve gotten quite attached to mementos from our relationship and I can’t stop looking at them when I feel lonely.

What should I do?

Lonely in Louisville


Dear Lonely,

I wish to thank you for writing in to my column this week with your concern.  As a lover of a good meme myself, I understand how one can get attached to memes from specific individuals.  It is rare in one’s life when you can meet a partner who speaks in the same language as you.  I hang around on r/MEIRL and have been lucky to engage in dialogue with many who have sent me my most treasured memes.  I recommend for you to do the same.  None can replace the memes you have saved, but perhaps you will find a new meme to tickle your fancy.


Varg The Memelord Vikernes


Be sure to E-mail Varg and you may see your questions featured in future issues of Sexual Sunday.

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