Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: These Boots Were Made For..


**Editor’s note**  Some of you may have noticed that Varg has been absent for the last two weeks from DIAG.  We thought he had quit.  We celebrated.  Turns out, we celebrated a little too soon, as he is back.  Pray for us.

Hey Varg

I’m into the military look and something about the sight of a man in army gear and combat boots really makes my dick hard.  My friend who plays in this black metal band is so attractive to me and he says he’s straight but I am curious how I could go about asking him if he would let me lick his boots.

Shine Your Shoes in Shreveport


Greetings Shine Your Shoes,

My favourite brand of shoe polish is KIWI brand, and though I am not sure how many of those dreadful birds were killed in order to make it, it does shine up your quality leather shoes very well.

I recommend it for your use, as I have no familiarity with either the pros or cons of human saliva.

Best Wishes,

Vance Vinegar

Be sure to E-mail Varg with all your burning love advice queries and you may see them featured in a future issue of Sexual Sunday.

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