Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Morbid Flesh – “The Circle Cursed”

It totally felt like at least Thursday all day today, but here we are still stuck on Tuesday.That means that while we may disappointingly only be one day into the week, at least I can still talk about some pretty wicked shit that’s landed in my inbox lately. That particularly wicked shit comes in the form of some old school and grimy swedeath courtesy of Morbid Flesh’s newest song “The Circle Cursed,” off of their new album Rites of the Mangled. Sporting an appropriately maggoty and putrid cover, the mangled screams and tortured riffs that pour forth from the speakers more than match what the cover promises. Smoke something green, crank this up until the walls shake and pray to the dark lord Kromdar for Friday.

– Scotty (@drunkgraveyard)

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