Episode 09: Check The OR, You Like It So Far?

This week we watched Bethany, James Cullen Bressack’s new horror movie starring Tom Green and Shannen Doherty. Spoiler warning for some elements of Bethany so skip ahead to the 20 minute mark if you want to go in completely blind. We also talk about German (but possibly French) bargain bin nature gone wild horror flick Scratch, ‘80s throwback slasher Lost After Dark, how to covertly eat Totino’s, staging a sex robot intervention for Rigby, nerdy mashups,, and of course answer some mail.

If you have questions you would like asked on air, by our team, please feel free to send them to drunkinagraveyard @ gmail . com, or tweet us @DrunkGraveyard.

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One response to “Episode 09: Check The OR, You Like It So Far?

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