Exclusive Post-Production Stills from ANDERS MANOR!

Oh hi friends.  How’s your week going so far.

I guess today is hump day so we wanted to share some dope as fuck new stills from Woodhaven Media’s upcoming horror film ANDERS MANOR.

Our pals at Woodhaven were goodly enough to send along some sick ass stills in order to get you guys psyched up about what’s to come.

Here’s the brief plot synopsis for ANDERS MANOR:

“It’s Amy’s 18th birthday. While most girls her age are celebrating with friends and painting the town, Amy is checking herself out of the insane asylum. Her mother Jane decides to take her on a family get away, to celebrate her birthday and re-acclimate her to everyday life. A weekend of, camp fires, and cotton candy socials, to rekindle family ties, quickly turns to the most horrific family reunion in American history. And it all goes down at ANDERS MANOR.”


Holy shit.

Okay, also, check out who’s in the goddamn thing?

Christina Robinson (Dexter) has been brought on to play the lead, Amy. Godsmack front man, Sully Erna has also come aboard, Rachel True (The Craft) along with, Kevin Nash (The Punisher, Magic Mike, John Wick) who is doing something completely out of character as Reverend Thomas, TNA Impact Wrestling Superstar “The Miracle” Michael Bennett will be portraying a wild and unruly redneck named Darsaw.

Other actors appearing as guests at ANDERS MANOR, will be played by Tanja Lynch (Bleed For This), Eric Lutes (How To Get Away With Murder), Mark Sullivan, David Tessier, Michael Zuccola, Danielle Guldin, Mike Messier, Pamela Morgan, and Armen Garo (Vinyl, The Sopranos), Chelsea Vale (Mostly Ghostly, Inner Demons) round out the cast.


Damn dude.  Who the hell is Sully Erna going to play?

Fuck, I totally remember Godsmack.

Like, holy shit.

Blast from the past and all.

Okay, check these stills:


This film looks hype as fuck and I totally can’t wait to check it out.

unnamed (1).jpg

In the meanwhile, if you’re getting psyched up too, you should go check out Woodhaven Media over on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.

Keep us posted on how it’s going, guys!

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