Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Invisible Mirror – “Life Of A Stranger”

Oh shit waddup little friends.

How’s your week going so far?  It’s only Tuesday but how was your weekend?  Have you got any fuckery planned for this weekend?

I’ve got some wild times planned for this weekend so I hope you do as well, so let’s just get this through this week together okay?

So let’s get down to the (very literal) Thrashing that will take place on this Trash/Thrash Tuesday where we shall discuss what song of the week will either go in to the Trash or go on to Thrash.

Okay so sometimes I page through the promos that get sent to my e-mail and check out new bands based solely on where they are from.  Invisible Mirror hails from Switzerland which is pretty cool, and I don’t know that I’ve heard much come out of the land of the Swiss, so I figured hey why not.

Have to say – did not disappoint.

Invisible Mirror have a distinct thrashy sound but have the awwww yeaaaaah of a lot of modern hard rock bands.  The sound is edgy enough but still has a radio friendly vibe, which is kind of interesting given that these dudes come all the way from fucking Switzerland.

I don’t really know that this is 100% my jam but the musicianship was tight and there was sick riffs so I can’t fault these guys at all.  I’m gonna have to pop “Life Of A Stranger” into the thrash pile for this week because I know so many heavy metal babes who would love to get eaten out to this while drunk on cheap whiskey and that’s about all you can hope for in this work a day world.

Invisible Mirror is going on tour coming up with Russian thrash band Pokerface who I totally recommend checking out btw because that’s some shit you can really sink your teeth into.

Plus it’s fronted by one of a babe and you can’t go wrong there.


What are you listening to this week?  What do you guys think of Invisible Mirror?

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