Ides of Gemini set to Release New Album Women April 28th

Oh hey friends.

I’m coming to you from the world of the sickly undead in a haze of Nyquil to tell you that our good friends in Ides of Gemini will be releasing their new album Women on April 28th on Rise Above Records.


I’ve previously spoken to J. Bennet from Ides of Gemini and I have to say that he is one of the most genuine, kind, and funny people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. You can click on through this shiny hyperlink and see some photos I took of Ides of Gemini when last they were through Vancouver.

I’ve been looking forward to their new album for a few reasons –

1. Constantinople was an album I found out about when I saw Ides of Gemini on tour with Ghost and it really changed my thoughts on music.
2. 2014’s Old World New Wave was an amazing album that kept me company through many very very stoned/inebriated nights.

Following all this with legitimately admiring both J. and Sera (and former member Kelly who has the cutest little kitty and runs a sick ass vegan supper club.. and recently turned 40.. shit girl, happy birthday).

The artwork for Women dropped and it’s sick as fuck.


For the video game players amongst us, this looks like something from Layers of Fear, right?

“Produced by the inimitable Sanford Parker, Women also features guest appearances from Tara Connelly of Clay Rendering (on “Queen Of New Orleans”) and bewitching singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle (on “She Has A Secret”). As ever, Ides Of Gemini‘s new songs uniformly fizz and crackle with a storyteller’s verve, as Timms’ emotionally devastating delivery and Bennett’s scabrous riffs paint vivid images of womanhood’s multifarious routes to the gates of Hell and beyond. As a result, the new album’s title was a no-brainer.

“Why Women? The short answer is that all the songs are about women!” Bennett laughs. “The way we work is that I title all the songs and Sera writes all the lyrics, and I give her an idea of what inspired each title for me. She can either take my idea and use it or totally discard it and come up with her own concept for it. Some of these women are mythological figures, some are historical figures, some are obscure actresses, and some are people we just made up. But every song is about a woman, so the title seemed obvious.””

Emma Ruth Rundle is an artist that we have covered here before and is another one to watch.  The fact that she guests on this album has piqued my interest as well.

Is it April 28th yet?

The tracklisting for Women is as follows:

1. Mother Kiev
2. The Rose
3. The Dancer
4. Raft of Medusa
5. Heroine’s Descent
6. Swan Diver
7. The Last Siren
8. Zohra
9. She Has a Secret
10. Queen of New Orleans
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