Trash/Thrash Tuesday: From First To Last: Ride The Wings Of Pestilence

Remember Sonny Moore? Some of you might not know him by that moniker (being that I’m now aged, apparently), but you probably do know Skrillex. Yeah, that douche. So it seems that the dubstep machine is done, so obviously Mr Moore needs to hop to something else. It’s kinda what he does. He bounced from his old band From First To Last into the wacky world of dubstep sometime around 2007 when the screamo party started to wind down and hasn’t really shown any sign of looking back, until very recently. Not that I could blame him; I mean, come on. Screamo was try hard, even at the best of times. Plus I’m sure playing in one of those bands was like being assaulted by Myspace pages made reality constantly. Dubstep at least had better drugs.

2017 finds him back with his former bandmates, as is the current trend with bands from this era. Either that or crowdfunding for drums. Anyways, I’m curiously concerned that this may herald the return of banana strips, those stupid colored rubber bracelets people seemed to wear hundreds of and crab-walking.

– Scotty (@drunkgraveyard)

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