regress – “Rotten Sabbat”

Oh hi there.  How’s it going today my little friendly friends who are so very friendly?

You ever have those times where you want to kill your neighbors, like you actually fantasize about it, and maybe even once or twice poop on their lawn, you know while drunk on whiskey coming off a PCP bender?

I’m kinda hyped because I actually really like my neighbors.  They’re a group of punk rock anarcho greasy types who have dubbed their home “The Grease Trap”..



Anywho, the Grease Trap has birthed many a thing unto this world of ours – and regress is one of those things.  My buddy Dave rocks some strings and vox in this tight little stoner doom band, and they just came out with their new album “Rotten Sabbat” on January 20th.  It’s $6 on bandcamp, so how about you not buy a burrito and support these dudes making sick ass jams.

I’m really impressed by this album, and even more so impressed because I’ve listened to the jam sessions/recording sessions that helped make it and it’s kinda like seeing a little baby all growed up.

Please consider supporting some local BC yokels to make more sick jams for me to fill my bong to. Check out their bandcamp here.

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