Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Davey Suicide – “Too Many Freaks”



Oh hi there.

How’s it going tiny friends?  How’s your week been treating you so far?

Are you hard at work doing stuff and thangs, getting super baked sitting in a kiddie pool or going ice fishing in your jam jams?  If none of those things apply to you, then don’t you even worry your pretty little head about it, because baby, do I have some stuff for you to roll around through your brain worms.

Yes, you’ve read that right, my dear sweet readery readers, I think I have found a time machine and since I am nothing if not a generous old goat, I will be sharing with you it’s secrets to longevity and bondage Tripp NYC pants.

Do you all remember a time when Powerman 5000, Rob Zombie, Wednesday 13 and the Murderdolls and Static-X roamed the Earth?  Did you ever relate WAY too much with the album Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson?

Yeah, me too.

Okay so, we all remember when nu-metal/nu-industrial got super mainstream there for a bit and everyone and their dog was rollin (keep rollin rollin rollin) around the neighborhood wearing oversized band shirts, baggy pants, wallet chains and all the gear a Hot Topic could muster…  Oh the 1990s, you were so amazing, please never change and also please keep coming back.

Anywho, the point of this all is that there was a real reason for all this nonsense – we were all sad angry angsty children.  I mean, me especially because I mostly listened to bad gothic rock music growing up.  But I won’t pretend I didn’t get the fuck down to some Wednesday 13.

Now, Davey Suicide is coming out with a new album and their new song, “Too Many Freaks” is a direct line back to 1999 in terms of angsty pseudo industrial nu-metal stylings and I am living for it.  I actually liked this track if only because it’s not trying to break crazy new ground and yet in the weirdest way it really does?  The music isn’t that garbage shit bag emo nonsense that seems to have stuck around like a particularly rancid dog turd to the bottom of the music industry’s shoe for the last ten years, and yet it sounds so much like 1990s Manson.  I didn’t really care for the Twiztid rap on it, but I am not, unfortunately a juggalo.  Rigby, our other female lead writer was right into it, because she is in fact, down with the clown (whoop whoop).

This probably wouldn’t be music that I would put on to chill out at the end of the day, but it was music that made me smile, and think of the good old days, and if my good old days can turn out to be someone’s new good days, then hey, I’m all about it.

Davey Suicide is going to be touring here pretty quick with DOPE and Combichrist and the whole tour is sponsored by Blackcraft Whiskey (yes the same people that make those edgy goth shirts everyone wears)..

I’m all about it.  This is amazing.


02/27 @ Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
02/28 @ Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
03/02 @ Liquid Joe’s – Salt Lake City, UT
03/03 @ Sunshine Studios – Colorado Springs, CO
03/04 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
03/05 @ Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
03/06 @ Underground – Omaha, NE
03/07 @ Gabe’s Oasis – Iowa City, IA
03/08 @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St Paul, MN
03/09 @ Courtside – Dubuque, IA
03/10 @ Q&Z Expo Center – Ringle, WI
03/11 @ The Sandlot – Green Bay, WI
03/12 @ The Annex – Madison, WI
03/13 @ The Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI
03/14 @ The Agora – Cleveland, OH
03/15 @ HOME Bar – Arlington Heights, IL
03/16 @ Big Shots – Valparaiso, IN
03/17 @ The Apollo Theatre – Belvedere, IL
03/18 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, MI
03/19 @ The Music Factory – Battle Creek, MI
03/20 @ Trixie’s Ent. Complex – Louisville, KY
03/21 @ Diesel – Pittsburgh, PA
03/22 @ Reverb – Reading, PA
03/23 @ Highline Ballroom – New York, NY
03/24 @ Palladium – Worcester, MA
03/25 @ Fish Head Cantina – Halethorpe, MD
03/26 @ Arizona Pete’s -Greensboro, NC
03/28 @ The Haven – Winter Park, FL
03/29 @ The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
03/30 @ O’Malley’s Sports Bar – Fort Lauderdale, FL
04/02 @ Southport Music Hall – New Orleans, LA
04/03 @ Grizzly Hall – Austin, TX
04/04 @ Scout Bar – Houston, TX
04/05 @ Fitzgerald’s – San Antonio, TX
04/06 @ Trees – Dallas, TX
04/07 @ The Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
04/08 @ Club Red – Mesa, AZ
04/09 @ The Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA


If these guys were touring near me, I’d be all over that.  I bet they would be really interesting to photograph.  And I’m sure this show would be great simply to go and people watch while baked as hell.

Anywho, this one was definitely a THRASH in my books.  Anyone who doesn’t like it probably can’t handle anything fun.

Keep up the good work dudes, you made me smile.  That’s fucking hard.  I’m very very old.

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