Karabas Barabas – “Return of the Sexy Demon”


It’s hump day, bitches.  You guys got wild plans for the upcoming weekend or what?  Any parties I haven’t been invited to that I should know about?  I haven’t done LSD in a long time so if any of you have any leads, please let me know.  My brain no work.

Anywho, since I’m short on acid and long in the tooth, I did have some major fuckery to lay down before you good readers today.

Now, if you’re a regular around these parts, you’ll notice that I talked about this band called Karabas Barabas this past Tuesday for a special Trash/Thrash Tuesday.

So – I’m not usually one to do a lot of horn tootery (?), but this band I can’t get out of my brain. Karabas Barabas is a really wild combination of the Pixies, Mr. Bungle, 1970s occultism, Gogol Bordello, and a Rick and Morty episode. I wasn’t initially sure what to think when I checked out their new LP, but the lyrics and psych rock guitar (which is very distinctly churning) really pulled me in.

I’m a big fan of art rock and I really appreciated the lengths that were taken with this record to be artsy and also silly.

This song in particular which has the lyrics, “Hey Mark Ruffalo, youz a fuckin’ sexy guy, let’s use that sexiness to stop Chinese genocide…”

I love it. LOVE it.

I’ve seen a lot of bands go for funny or whimsical and end up falling somewhere between Flaming Lips and Flight of the Conchords.

I think what is really stand out here as well with this album is not only how fucking weird it is, but how musically tight it is, blending pretty seamlessly from weird acid jazz to straight psych rock.  The singer is also quite talented, and as to his name I haven’t got the foggiest, and if you asked me to put a face to this person, I couldn’t do that either, so unfortunately ladies (and some men), I can’t tell you if he’s bangable, but with a voice like a blitzed out angel, who would say no (CALL ME!)?

Another aspect of this album I wasn’t expecting was how oddly sexy it was?  That sounds weird, but check out the first track “In Waves” and tell me that besides obviously sexual lyrical content that you wouldn’t want to see some stripper with a real big dumper shake her (or his.  or their) thang to that.

I’ve gone to strip clubs for less, let me tell you.  And stayed in them for way less.

Rigby and I once saw a stripper take a shower in the ubiquitous stripper shower and then start crying hysterically on stage because her boyfriend had killed himself the day before, and she was comforted by a man who bought her chicken wings.  Stay classy, people, stay classy.

Anywho, since I’ve got vegan pizza to eat and a podcast to record, I will keep this one relatively short.
Since none of us seem to have any leads on LSD, might I suggest you take the $8 you were going to spend on a burrito and put it towards Karabas Barabas on their bandcamp and buy their new album?

Seriously. I know what happens with $8. You have all these good thoughts about saving it and then you end up with beef jerky and maple syrup flavored rolling papers and a pocketful of loose change that makes your purse sound like badly functioning machinery. Buy this album and you can do drugs to it at the very least and hey if you’re into freaky artsy chicks it might get you laid..

Also I said it before, go throw the band some likes on facebook, that shit is valuable.

Happy Friday!

Thanks to Tracy at TAG Publicity for turning us on to this wonderful and weird ass band. You da real MVP.

You can find Robin talking about acid on twitter and you can see photos on her instagram.

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