Treading the Missed Mondays: This is Why I Don’t Collect Airmiles



Wuddup, crew!

As you probably know, ya boy Bear likes to listen to everything, so prepare to get bombed by weird.

Needle to vinyl, our first spin comes from a band with one album. We should be very thankful they only have one album. Aside from the insane comedy encompassing the entire ensemble, it’s just back-to-front offensive baffoonery with an entire track being a redneck pleasure house commercial over-top of a different band’s solo. I give you, CrotchDuster.

Yeah, so that is pretty much EVERY genre right there. Grind, rap, thrash, death metal, boy band, kitchen sink.

Don’t uuuhhhh, know what else to say about that one.

Round: The Second. Opera is dope.

Even if you don’t comprehend the language it’s sung it, due to true compassion for composition the feeling comes through in so many aspects. From the inflections of the singers voice to the cresendo (not the pizza) and decrescendo in the sheet work. Picking favorites in anything is troubling, fortunately Opera offers plenty of different styles in and of itself, so I’m merely going with my favorite aria of all time as sung by Pavarotti.

Uno mass, class. As we all know, the best weird stuff comes from our weird neighbours to the east, Japan.


They do not discriminate about any. . .Ever. Fact of the matter is we all have our little corner of sweet Nihon nipple that we suckle upon from time to time. Personally, I read HELLA manga in highschool, and have watched HELLA anime pretty much ever since. It wasn’t until probably 19 or so that I realized that I may be able to enjoy music that I didn’t really understand all the lyrics too, of which the following is no exception.

Three wild Japanese powerbabes come together to make something between Venom-Worship and early black metal. Despite having a lot of tracks that bear the classic “recorded in my shower into a Fisher Price tape deck” sound, Gallhammer still has ferocity. Though the strong temptation to make the choice for this slot Disclose (a fellow band from the same waters), I wanted to showcase somethings that were more off the beaten ass.

Spring is coming and I hate.

– Bear.

Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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