Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Karabas Barabas – “Being a Man”

karabas.jpgOh hey friends.

How’s your Tuesday going for you?  How’s your week been?

Back to the grind really sucks donkey dick.  I heard something about yesterday being the most depressing day of the year.  Well it ain’t my birthday yet, so it surely couldn’t be, but I noticed a lot of my friends and family around this wild old interweb were feeling a little down.

Don’t worry boo, I got you.

Okay, so if you’re into Mr. Bungle, The Pixies, magick, psych rock and or a combination of all four, I’ve got a really fucking treat for you this Tuesday.

Karabas Barabas just released their new video “Being a Man” off their December LP release “Return of the Sexy Demon” and I’ve gotta say, in the words of my good friend Rigby, this is a “bop” and also a “banger”.

Oh you kids and your slang terms and rap music.

But, seriously, these dudes are wild and the music is very very reminiscent of old Pixies.  RIP in peace Frank Black.

Wait.  Is he dead?

Okay.  Once.  I had a sex dream about Frank Black.  I was in a really weird place in my life where I would listen to Alec Eiffel a lot and smoke a lot of clove cigarettes, I dunno.  It just kind of happened.

And now you can’t unknow that, so you’re welcome.

But for real.  Check out this band.  Review of their album coming later this week, so watch the skies and keep your ear to the ground.

I dunno, there’s just something beautiful and ridiculous about this music.
Maybe it’s because I was listening to it while at the gym watching hot dudes in little shorts lift heavy things, but this was easily the perfect soundtrack.

Anyways, I hope the January blues aren’t getting you down too much!

Stay sexy and spooky!

Oh also – please go like these dudes on facebook..

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