Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Playing the Trump Card


hey varg,

i’m going to be watching the presidential inauguration cermony and i was hoping to invite over some slut from tinder to watch it with me  Idgaf if she’s a Hillary bitch she can come watch Trump become the best fukin man to run the best country in the motherfukin world.  you think i should mastrbate before my cock pocket comes ovr?  i wanna fuk her all night long because now its my fukin time.  all the libtards can cry ovr TRUMPP!


Greetings to you my fine brother,

Regarding the issue on whether or not you should pleasure yourself before having your date come over, I think that doing so would be a waste of potential masters of the Aryan race, and you will need many of these in order to impregnate many fertile “Hillary bitches” over the next four years.

Kind regards,

Varg Vikernes

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