Grogged Up Gaming: Anatomy

Anatomy is a very difficult horror game to review. Not because it’s bad, but because it is just so strange and completely different than anything else I’ve ever played. It’s difficult to explain or understand why it’s so terrifying, but Anatomy will get under your skin and stay there.


The plot is extremely simple. You enter a house and you explore it room for room. Certain rooms contain cassette tapes and upon playing them, you listen to ramblings from an unknown source about the anatomy of the home you are in, and what each room represents. After the tape completes, a prompt appears and tells you what room the next tape is in. Repeat.

The art style is a throwback to the early age of computer graphics, and there’s a constant grainy filter that’s reminiscent of old VHS tapes. The lo fi graphics don’t make the game though, the cassette tapes you find littered throughout the house is where the game finds its horror. The warbling tone and low volume of the narrator almost begs you to lean into your screen to better decipher what’s being said. I would say I recommend playing this game with headphones but I wasn’t able to because I was simply too scared (I’m very tough and brave)


There are multiple loops through the house, and despite the lay out of the house never changing from loop to loop, the audio tapes and visuals continue to grow more and more distorted. But that’s essentially the theme of Anatomy. The once welcoming and familiar layout of a family home grows into an unfamiliar building full of unease and confusion. The ending of Anatomy will leave you thinking for hours if not days after completion and you may never look at your living room the same way again.

Anatomy is available on Mac and PC. Check out the website here:

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