Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Dirty Pagans – “Witches Grave”


Oh hi little friends.

It’s the first Trash/Thrash Tuesday of the New Year.  New Year, New fuckery.  Are you ready?

Since I’ve spent the last like two weeks drunk as fuck and in a weed haze, I figured it might be time to rejoin the world and get myself sorted out before I’m back to school.

I wanted to start 2017 fuckery off with a bang and felt that showing you guys some sick new shit you need to plug into your ear holes would only be fitting.

In 2013 the DIAG squad went to the Housecore Horror Festival for the very very first time and we were privileged enough to meet a lot of cool ass people like my spicy gay spirit animal named Ben and a young Aussie named Jarrad.

Jarrad and his lady friend Olivia became our fast drinking buddies and we spent a lot of time drinking shitty beers and rocking out.

Like all festival fuckery, it of course had to come to an end, but we have stayed in touch and Jarrad’s new band “Dirty Pagans” is really tight.

They just dropped their new song and video for the track “Witches Grave” and I really think you should roll a fat one, collapse onto a bean bag chair and bliss out for a while.

Jarrad is the highly sensuous and highly hirsute drummer, btw.

These Aussies sure can rock out and for fans of Sabbath, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats and The Sword, the Dirty Pagans are sure to be crowd pleasers.

While you’re at it, why not go over to the Dirty Pagans soundcloud and give their other tracks a listen.
I’m sure they’d appreciate it.


Can’t wait to see where these fuckers go and what they do next.

Keep it weird, boys.


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