Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Infinite Majesty – Conqueror

Conqueror are amongst Canada’s finest exports, next to marijuana and the early seasons of the Trailer Park Boys. Their particular distillation of chaos and hatred manifests itself in some of the most extreme music to emerge from this frozen country and has influenced a number of bands around the globe. With only a couple of demo’s and a single full length to their name, this is even more of a feat.

Drums drive “Infinite Majesty”, as they do with all Conqueror songs, drawing the listener into the chaotic centre of the music before spitting them out like a centrifuge. The vocals call to mind gibbering madness, occasionally a word or phrase making itself audible from within the swirling miasma of music but for the most part they are there to convey a sense of sanity lost.  And that guitar, you can’t forget that. Slicing into the flesh of the songs as it appears suddenly, squealing and pitched high, descending just as swiftly back into the maelstrom, leaving you to once agin be pummelled by percussion.

If Conqueror isn’t one of the True North exports you’ve embraced yet, and you like the idea of physical assault in audio form, what the hell are you still reading this for? Hit play.

No I don’t have lyrics for this one. Don’t be foolish.



Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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