Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Sorguinazia – “VI”

Now that it’s November and Halloween 2016 is in the dirt it’s time to bust out the boots and leather jacket, throw some corpse paint on and wage sonic war on your friends, enemies, neighbour and passers by with the blastiest beats you can find. I don’t know about you but that’s what MY November’s consist of. With that in mind, I have an offering to start the month off on the right hoof – Sorguinazia’s “IV” – a surprisingly well produced (for black metal) and effective blast of occult inspired black metal.

“IV” conjures up an atmosphere of solitude and ritual, with chaos licking at the border like a destructive flame, ever-present and waiting to overrun all if given the chance. Sorguinazia manage to keep this chaotic fire in check though, using the bestial edge to drive “IV” forward and give it purpose, the chaos acting to highlight the atmospheric elements. There’s a time and a place for letting the chaos run free and drown everything else out, but this is not the time and Sorguinazia manage to strike a good balance.

I don’t have any lyrics for you this week, but I’m sure if i did they would involve old gods, chaos, magic, chaos magic, shamanism and man’s ruination of self and surroundings. You know, the usual good times message we all come to black metal for.

Grab it from Vault of Dried Bones if you dig what you hear.


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