Trash/Thrash Tuesday: The Misfits – “We Are 138”

I’m not exactly the president of the Danzig non-danclub, but i’m at least a founding member. I’ve never been able to pull any enjoyment out of his solo material, and his personality and the cult of that surround him is just about as fetid as they come, so coming from me, a Danzig related recommendation might seem a little strange. I know i’m still reeling myself at my decision but here we are.


The Misfits aren’t, as much as many crimson skull tattoo rocking punk would try and have you and I believe, a band for all seasons. They’re a band that works best in October, once the leaves have started to change and everyone is down to get a little spooky. Lyrically, this just makes sense and their sound has always resonated with me at the dusk hours, something in abundance this time of year.

The actual meaning behind “We are 138” is still a bit of a mystery, with seemingly obvious ties to Lucas’s “THX-1138,” a science fiction film fro the ‘70s denied in past interviews by Glenn Danzig. Alternately, maybe this fan theory is right and it’s about nazi’s? Now seems the best time for someone to ask while they’re all on speaking terms.

We are 138, We are 138, We are 138

We are 138, We are 138, We are 138

We are 138, We are 138

In the eyes of tiger

Do you think we’re robot clean

Does this face look almost mean

Is it time to be an android not a man

The pleasantries are gone

We’re stripped of all we were

In the eyes of tiger

We are…

– Scotty Floronic (@drunkgraveyard)

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