An Interview with Amy Lukavics


We all know that I love a creepy goth girl with tattoos, English writing skills and some serious serious talent.  For those who remember, I’ve spoken about Amy Lukavics before.  I found her novel Daughters Unto Devils after the winter holidays last year

1. Tell me who you are and what you do? I’m Amy Lukavics and I write horror novels! **werewolf howl**

2. Last time my readers heard the name Amy Lukavics I was reviewing Daughters Unto Devils.. Tell me what’s gone on for you since then? I got to travel around a lot between April and July to promote my newest book, The Women in the Walls, which was so fun. I’ve also been busy planning and writing my next novel, The Ravenous, which comes out next year.

3. Tell me about The Women in the Walls? When is it due and what can we expect? It just came out on September 27th, and follows a girl named Lucy who starts to suspect something strange is happening on the estate she lives at with her father, aunt, and cousin. You can expect to be grossed out at least a few times!

4. What lead you to start writing? Reading! I didn’t go to college for writing or anything else, I just always really loved to read.

5. Do you have any writing rituals to get you into the mood? I do like for the house to be clean and tidy if possible before I write, or at least just my desk area/bedroom. I also like to light a candle and put on a good horror movie soundtrack.

6. What do you do when you have writer’s block? I try to figure out why I’m blocked story-wise, and if I can’t, it might just be that I need to take a break and focus on other things for days, weeks, or even months to clear my mind. (If deadline allows, of course. If it doesn’t, you’re kind of just screwed!)

7. What are you currently reading? Just finishing up NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, then it’ll be time for Dismantled by Jennifer McMahon.

8. Tell me about some of your current favourite things.. can be anything, clothes, music, animals, TV, anything that’s helping you to make it through? Watching movies and television shows at night with my husband, working in my sketchbook/journal, cooking, reading, Adult Swim, eating sour candy, my cat Frodo.

9. What advice do you have for fledgling writers out there? Do. Not. Let. Yourself. Quit. It’s going to be hard. Oh well. You can do it. And also, read a lot!

10. Since we are called Drunk In a Graveyard and our site centers on the dark and spooky, horror and heavy metal, what’s your favourite scary movie and the intoxicant of choice to pair with it? I would love to watch The Witch with a gin mule or five!



Puppies or kitties? Puppies, but it’s close.
Red wine or white wine? RED!
Beer or whiskey? Whiskey
Coffee or tea? Tea
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark
Death metal or black metal? Death metal
Daffodils or Daisies? Aww, daffodils!
Morticia Addams or Lily Munster? Morticia
Slasher horror film or possession film? AH that’s hard. If done well, possession film.
Documentary or indie film? Both.
Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? GAME OF THRONES! How is that even a question? 😉
Red lipstick or black lipstick? Red so dark it’s almost black.
Tattoos or piercings? Tattoos
Black or gray? Black
Nu metal or old school metal? Nu metal!
Goth or punk? Goth


I can’t recommend enough to check out this talented lady’s writing.  Amy’s new book The Women in the Walls is available on Amazon and so is her previous book Daughters Unto Devils.


You can find Amy on her official website and on twitter: @amylukavics and over on the tumblr machine.

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